What inspires you?


This is our class blog and our theme this term is 'Reach For the Stars'. As a teacher when I first heard this I didn't really have a clue what I was meant to teach but after a bit of research I realised the possibilities were endless!
Have a think about where you are now in life and where you would like to be? How will you get there? What action have you taken? What has inspired you? Questions raced through my mind and I started to look at what I needed to do to myself to reach my stars (goals). 
In life I guess we all constantly have goals we are trying to reach, be it when you are a baby learning to walk, a student working towards a qualification, a new business venture to name but a few. The list could go on and on but how would we really get to our goal without a plan? 
Year 5 will be tackling just that this term. We have put together a few of their goals and aspirations and will plan how we can achieve those. So watch this space!!!

31st May 2019
What inspires the students and teachers in the school?

Here' what they had to say:

A.D. - "My family and friends inspire me to do the best I can."

H.A.M - "This term I really enjoyed Islamic studies and computing. It has made me feel more positive about learning."

H.M - "My family and friends inspire me to keep going, be resilient and get good grades."

T.K. - "My friends and family inspire me by encouraging me to do well in everything."

S.K - "My parents and friends inspire me to keep trying, be resilient and telling to always think out of the box."

A.K. - "My family inspire me by encouraging me to never give up."

I.A.L - "My friends inspire me because being around them makes me happy and I find it easier to think of new things when I'm with them. 

Ms F. - "The people I work with, my husband, my Islamic heritage and the accomplishments of the Sahabahs and Prophets inspire me to do better."

A.M.K - "The Prophet (SAW) and Prophets (AS) inspire me to not give up and try my hardest like they did."

I.L - "When I first started watching football it inspired me to play football and I love it!"

Ms M - "I  want to do everything for the sake of Allah. One way of doing that is to be able to give back and contribute to others. The school and students inspire me to enjoy fulfilling my responsibilities."