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Junior Citizenship Day

Junior Citizenship Day - 16-03-2017

Amaanah Akhtar (amaanah) on: Junior Citizenship Day

On Thursday we went to Hargreaves and at Hargreaves they were preparing us for secondary school by giving us scenarios. My favourite one and I think I am speaking for most people was the one where the person came and took the (plastic) phone off us (we were not meant to run after him but some people not mentioning WHO ran after him). They gave us very good advice and it was a great experience. Luckily no one was rolling around on the floor –it was muddy- if you don’t know what I am talking about read Zubaydah’s blog, it is very funny and take my word for it, it’s not over exaggerated as A PERSON might say. WARNING IT IS IN COMIC SANS MS! Well this is one of many blogs. Bye for NOW!

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Mysterious Mishaps at Break

Mysterious Mishaps at Break

Zubaydah Mariam Ali (zubaydah) on: Mysterious Mishaps at Break

Everyday there’s this boy in my class called Dawud - also known as Benyamin - he is found on the floor at break or lunch time rolling around (left and right) either because he fell or because he wants to for some odd reason. Me (obviously), and my friends are just looking at him like WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING!

No one knows why or how he does it, but what we do know is where and when he does it… Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that umm… err…  it’s not just any break but it’s specifically at the lunch break outside when he and his friends are playing with the ball. This isn’t at any time of playing with the ball, it seems more like they’re fed-up of playing catch (starts to laugh and giggles in the background). At that very moment, he’s flat down rolling left and right (which is most of the time in the middle of the playground).

If you didn’t understand what I was talking about then I’m very bad at explaining and you should really come to see it yourself (it’s quite hilarious ya know)!

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World Book Day - 02-03-2017

World Book Day - 02-03-2017

apexteacher on: World Book Day - 02-03-2017

As waves of children entered the school grounds. Gasps were heard all around though I thought many people would come as the same thing and I was right. People coming as ninjas, princesses and the Queen of hearts. Also Batman, superman and Spider-Man, thought not to be bias, I like Batman the most. I came as green arrow, although everyone thought I was Robin Hood, Robin Hood out of all people, him! Even the Teacher made an effort to dress up, which was quite amusing to see, (giggle). It was really fun, seeing as this is my last year at Apex. 

Today we were painting , I was not so excited because painting just really isn't my thing , is it yours ? For some odd reason I found myself somehow enjoying it, therapeutic even. School is very fun sometimes for reason like today. 
By Eesa Wilson (Year 6)

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Ice Skating

Ice Skating Session 1 - Tuesday 21st February 2017

apexteacher on: Ice Skating

On Tuesday this week, year 6 and year 5 went Ice Skating. It was sooooo fun ya know! Well you probably don’t now ‘cos I haven’t even told you what we did.

We got to Lee Valley at about, erm let me think…. Erm… I can’t really remember…  Oh yeah, we got there at erm…. Great I FORGOT!! Let’s just say around lunch time. Our session was an hour long but half of the time we had free time to skate ‘cos there were 2 groups. The first group were for the people that hadn’t quite conquered the AMAZING skill of ice skating. The other for the people who were a bit better.

The first group learned how to ice skate and stuff and the second group learnt some cool tricks!

I was in the second group and we learned how to ‘Lemon skate’ (weird name for a type of skate!). We basically put our feet in a V shape and glide forward. AWESOME RIGHT!!!! We also learnt how to jump while skating and many other things.

So I guess this is the end of the blog……. ….. I guess it’s just goodbye... or maybe….. nah just GOODBYE FOR NOW!

By: Dawud Rahman (Year 6)

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year Assembly - Friday 3rd February 2017

apexteacher on: Chinese New Year

I am writing to you about the Chinese New Year assembly we had last Friday. We learnt about the different animals that represent each year.  Did you know this year is the year of the rooster? Who would have known (apart from me)?  It could have been the year of the chicken, but noooo! If I was saying this to you directly, I would have yelled chicken and you could have chanted yes, or I could have said what do we want, a chicken. When do we want it, this year because next year is the year of the dog. Anyhow, at assembly I learnt there are actually 12 animals that represent each year. Those animals are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake (takes a deep breath), horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. I also learnt that KS1 are full of information. Next time I should sit next to a year 1 student. I feel like I am supposed to tell you something. Now I remember. The story of Chinese New Year. (Scary music in background) legend has it that in China there was a dragon. Every night it would come and eat people. Are you scared yet? I want to pretend that you said yes so I can stop writing this and relax but I think I am nailing this blog, therefore I am going to continue. One day an old man put fire crackers everywhere to scare the dragon. All the villagers hid, so the dragon would not eat them. The next day everyone went back to the village to find it unharmed. The old man’s technique worked. They continued to do this for many years until the dragon left forever. Ok, I hope you learnt something from this otherwise I haven’t been a good teacher even if I am still a student. You get what I mean. Cheerio!

Ahmed J

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Year 6 - Science Week

Science Week - 06-02-2017 to 10-02-2017

apexteacher on: Year 6 - Science Week

This week we have been doing some hands on work and it’s all about Science. So what have we even been doing, OH! I remember we’re helping refugees! We have to INVENT new ideas to make Syrian refugee’s life easier. Why have we been doing this DUH to help the refugees but that can be really hard at times, we want to make their life easier. I’ve already said that haven’t I! But back to what we’ve been doing. We had to create a product for them to use in their daily life, to improve it. So this is how it goes we had and aim, we then researched it, wrote a hypothesis and are now trying to find the solution to the problemo. I think problemo is Spanish. My group (not to brag) we made an umbrella that can turn into a boat. Let me just say it sounds cool doesn’t it. It was our idea at the end of the day so of course it is EPIC! I guess this is the end, we’ll keep you posted on the prototypes. SEE YA!!!

Yasin H

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