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Chinese New Year Assembly - Friday 3rd February 2017

Posted: Feb 8, 2017 by: apexteacher on: Chinese New Year

I am writing to you about the Chinese New Year assembly we had last Friday. We learnt about the different animals that represent each year.  Did you know this year is the year of the rooster? Who would have known (apart from me)?  It could have been the year of the chicken, but noooo! If I was saying this to you directly, I would have yelled chicken and you could have chanted yes, or I could have said what do we want, a chicken. When do we want it, this year because next year is the year of the dog. Anyhow, at assembly I learnt there are actually 12 animals that represent each year. Those animals are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake (takes a deep breath), horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. I also learnt that KS1 are full of information. Next time I should sit next to a year 1 student. I feel like I am supposed to tell you something. Now I remember. The story of Chinese New Year. (Scary music in background) legend has it that in China there was a dragon. Every night it would come and eat people. Are you scared yet? I want to pretend that you said yes so I can stop writing this and relax but I think I am nailing this blog, therefore I am going to continue. One day an old man put fire crackers everywhere to scare the dragon. All the villagers hid, so the dragon would not eat them. The next day everyone went back to the village to find it unharmed. The old man’s technique worked. They continued to do this for many years until the dragon left forever. Ok, I hope you learnt something from this otherwise I haven’t been a good teacher even if I am still a student. You get what I mean. Cheerio!

Ahmed J


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