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Science Week - 06-02-2017 to 10-02-2017

Posted: Feb 9, 2017 by: apexteacher on: Year 6 - Science Week

This week we have been doing some hands on work and it’s all about Science. So what have we even been doing, OH! I remember we’re helping refugees! We have to INVENT new ideas to make Syrian refugee’s life easier. Why have we been doing this DUH to help the refugees but that can be really hard at times, we want to make their life easier. I’ve already said that haven’t I! But back to what we’ve been doing. We had to create a product for them to use in their daily life, to improve it. So this is how it goes we had and aim, we then researched it, wrote a hypothesis and are now trying to find the solution to the problemo. I think problemo is Spanish. My group (not to brag) we made an umbrella that can turn into a boat. Let me just say it sounds cool doesn’t it. It was our idea at the end of the day so of course it is EPIC! I guess this is the end, we’ll keep you posted on the prototypes. SEE YA!!!

Yasin H


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