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Ice Skating Session 1 - Tuesday 21st February 2017

Posted: Feb 27, 2017 by: apexteacher on: Ice Skating

On Tuesday this week, year 6 and year 5 went Ice Skating. It was sooooo fun ya know! Well you probably don’t now ‘cos I haven’t even told you what we did.

We got to Lee Valley at about, erm let me think…. Erm… I can’t really remember…  Oh yeah, we got there at erm…. Great I FORGOT!! Let’s just say around lunch time. Our session was an hour long but half of the time we had free time to skate ‘cos there were 2 groups. The first group were for the people that hadn’t quite conquered the AMAZING skill of ice skating. The other for the people who were a bit better.

The first group learned how to ice skate and stuff and the second group learnt some cool tricks!

I was in the second group and we learned how to ‘Lemon skate’ (weird name for a type of skate!). We basically put our feet in a V shape and glide forward. AWESOME RIGHT!!!! We also learnt how to jump while skating and many other things.

So I guess this is the end of the blog……. ….. I guess it’s just goodbye... or maybe….. nah just GOODBYE FOR NOW!

By: Dawud Rahman (Year 6)


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