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World Book Day - 02-03-2017

Posted: Mar 8, 2017 by: apexteacher on: World Book Day - 02-03-2017

As waves of children entered the school grounds. Gasps were heard all around though I thought many people would come as the same thing and I was right. People coming as ninjas, princesses and the Queen of hearts. Also Batman, superman and Spider-Man, thought not to be bias, I like Batman the most. I came as green arrow, although everyone thought I was Robin Hood, Robin Hood out of all people, him! Even the Teacher made an effort to dress up, which was quite amusing to see, (giggle). It was really fun, seeing as this is my last year at Apex. 

Today we were painting , I was not so excited because painting just really isn't my thing , is it yours ? For some odd reason I found myself somehow enjoying it, therapeutic even. School is very fun sometimes for reason like today. 
By Eesa Wilson (Year 6)


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