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Mysterious Mishaps at Break

Posted: Mar 13, 2017 by: Zubaydah Mariam Ali (zubaydah) on: Mysterious Mishaps at Break

Everyday there’s this boy in my class called Dawud - also known as Benyamin - he is found on the floor at break or lunch time rolling around (left and right) either because he fell or because he wants to for some odd reason. Me (obviously), and my friends are just looking at him like WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING!

No one knows why or how he does it, but what we do know is where and when he does it… Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that umm… err…  it’s not just any break but it’s specifically at the lunch break outside when he and his friends are playing with the ball. This isn’t at any time of playing with the ball, it seems more like they’re fed-up of playing catch (starts to laugh and giggles in the background). At that very moment, he’s flat down rolling left and right (which is most of the time in the middle of the playground).

If you didn’t understand what I was talking about then I’m very bad at explaining and you should really come to see it yourself (it’s quite hilarious ya know)!


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