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Junior Citizenship Day - 16-03-2017

Posted: Mar 29, 2017 by: Amaanah Akhtar (amaanah) on: Junior Citizenship Day

On Thursday we went to Hargreaves and at Hargreaves they were preparing us for secondary school by giving us scenarios. My favourite one and I think I am speaking for most people was the one where the person came and took the (plastic) phone off us (we were not meant to run after him but some people not mentioning WHO ran after him). They gave us very good advice and it was a great experience. Luckily no one was rolling around on the floor –it was muddy- if you don’t know what I am talking about read Zubaydah’s blog, it is very funny and take my word for it, it’s not over exaggerated as A PERSON might say. WARNING IT IS IN COMIC SANS MS! Well this is one of many blogs. Bye for NOW!


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