Student Absence

Please complete the form below to report a student absence



  • Parents have a responsibility to inform the school if their child is ill. Parents must contact the school by way of telephone 02085541208 or email to contact@apexprimary.co.ukon the first day of absence by 10.00 am giving the nature of the illness and when they are likely to return.


  • Parents are responsible to ensure that formal notification is given to the school office explaining the reason all absences. If we do not receive notification, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.


  • For long period of illness the parent must make regular contact with the school and provide any documentation that may be requested.


  • In some circumstances further evidence of a child’s illness, such as a doctor’s note or official documentation may be requested.


Medical Appointments

If a child needs to be absent for a medical appointment, a note and/or a copy of the appointment letter must be received by the class teacher before the appointment. For emergency appointments a note will be accepted when the child returns to school.


Leave During School Day

If a child has to leave during the school day for any authorised reason, the parent or guardian will be asked to ‘sign out’ the child in the school office.