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Lifesavers Course

26 February 2018 (by Apex Primary School (apex))

We successfully completed the Apex Lifesavers Course on Saturday 13th January 2018. A total of 46 people turned up for the course out of which 43 took part.

We had 43 feedback forms returned. Twelve people knew how to manage in an emergency situation before the course but the remaining 31 did not. At the end of the course 100% of the participants stated that they felt more confident about what to do in an emergency if someone was unconscious or choking. We had 12 medical volunteers who taught on the course 9 of whom were doctors and 3 medical students. We used videos from the British Heart Foundation and we used mannequins to practice the cardiopulmonary resuscitation scenario. We raised a total of £416.64 for the school fundraising from the voluntary contributions, food sale and childcare. May Allah reward all the parents, children, volunteers and all those who attended the course in helping to make it a success. Some of the specific feedback that we received include: “I loved the course! It has taught me so much in a fun way!” “Feels good to experience a real life situation, now I feel comfortable to administer first aid” “Excellent idea MashaAllah! May Allah reward the organisers and the trainers; Aameen… I like the way the points were reinforced throughout the course” “Excellent course tutor. Very detailed and experienced” “It was excellent and I enjoyed!” “Very beneficial. Keep the good work up! Perhaps we could also train other scenarios in the future”