Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu

Here at Apex Primary, we strive to deliver an excellent level of teaching and learning in a warm and safe environment. We believe that a holistic approach to learning will give our children the best start in life and this is why our School ethos centres around nine core values. These values seek to promote all the characteristics of how Islam teaches us to live our lives.

Inclusivity and understanding lay at the heart of this. Alongside this, our bespoke Islamic curriculum tailors to that specific need and has taken Apex from strength to strength. We also believe that our values enhances a teaching model which includes learning in the great outdoors; so we strive to provide our students with as many learning opportunities outside of the classroom as possible. Much of our curricular and extra curricular activities focus on appreciating and experiencing the natural world.

We hope you will join us on this journey in helping little feet climb mountains to reach the apex.

Ms Meherun Hamid

Head Teacher


"The teaching enables pupils to make good progress, encompasses effective behaviour management .........."
"Principles and values are actively promoted which facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens."
"Good behaviour is promoted...."



Apex have embarked upon a model for sustainable growth and change for each and everyone one of our pupils by launching our WAQF FUND. This is a model of economic development for community and school that is successful part of Islamic History and an excellent way to help our community grow.                                 

What is it all about and how can YOU be involved. 

Watch our video above and be part of something that will be a source of good in this life and in the hereafter. Simply press our Waqf Donate button above and be part of the change. 




In collaboration with LONELY ORPHANS we have launched our Apex village to help the Rohingya Muslims. Above is the button to make a one of donation or to give a continued sadaqah. May Allah swt bless you and this project. Ameen


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    Take a night off from the kitchen to enjoy delicious home cooked treats.
  • Apex Mother and Toddler Group
    The Mother and Toddler Group is not currently running until further notice.
  • Apex Bike Ride
    On Sunday 7th July Apex pupils and parents participated in our first Annual Bike Ride!!
  • Mother and Toddler Group
    Alhamdulillah our mother and toddler group has continued throughout the month of Ramadan at the later time of 10:00 till 11:30.
  • Apex Speech Making Festival
    It is with absolute pleasure we can announce that Apex Speech Making Festival was success. It was an inter school event which allowed us to showcase the talents of our brightest and most confident students.
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Multicultural Day21Jan2021

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