Our Curriculum & Pedagogy

At Apex we follow a thematic curriculum called Learning Journeys where subjects are taught linked to a theme making learning a rich and meaningful experience for children.  Most subjects follow the new National Curriculum 2014. 

This is at  the heart of the learning journeys with good quality texts chosen to lead the learning.  We focus on reading; writing and speaking and listening. 

There is a strong focus on developing children's mental arithmetic through a structured programme which supports the daily maths lessons in particular their problem solving skills.  A range of areas are taught including number; ratio and proportion; measurement; geometry; algebra, measurement and statistics.

Children are taught the essential aspects of knowledge, methods, processes and uses of science through the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics.  This gives them the foundations for understanding many aspects of the world. 

Focus is on memorising and understanding the last Juz of The Noble Qur'an (Juz 'Amma).  A strong focus on the children's ability to read Arabic fluently.  Children will also be taught in basic tajwid, including simple Arabic grammar.  Further children also study the most frequently used words in The Noble Qur'an and train to acquire basic Arabic writing, speaking and listening skills.  The lessons are taught by a qualified teacher in a dynamic and stimulating way to enhance the love of the language and the Book of Allah. 

This includes of aspects of SMSC, PSHE, and Citizenship.  We follow a bespoke curriculum which has been designed specifically with our children in mind.  The broad teachings of Islam are interwoven in "The journey" which takes our children through the history of the world (from beginning to end: Adam alaihisalam to Jannah).  

The lessons are based on stories from the The Noble Qur'an and the authentic Sunnah.  Children learn about the articles of faith, previous Prophets, the Seerah as well as the rich Islamic history. The aim is to find connections to contemporary life and develop skills which are rooted in the pure teachings of Islam.  Prayer and other more practical aspects of the deen are taught hands-on through projects and halaqas (circle discussions). The spirituality of our children is also supported with religious assemblies, the Muhasabah Booklet and an emphasis on Islamic morals and manners which are reflected in our Apex values.   

Foundation Subjects

Use of maps, compasses and atlases. Countries, continents, changing environments, weather, water, landscapes, people, cities and villages. 

Understanding and awareness of colour, patterns, shapes, materials (such as paint, clay, dye, card).  Information technology and also developing skills in the use of a variety of media tools and Islamic art and architecture. 

Children study a range of historical periods including British and Islamic history. 

This subject is incorporated into all aspects of the school including Islamic studies and the learning journey and is taught to develop life skills, confidence in themselves and the world around them. 

Key skills, balance, coordination, teamwork, confidence and fair play are taught through a range of sports activities including archery, ice skating and participating in competitive events.

Children work on a number of different topics such as hygiene, relationship, society, moral issues, bullying, cultural issues and health matters. 

Children learn programming skills through using simple programmable robots (e.g. Roamer) moving onto using programmes such as Scratch and Python to create games and APPS. Other aspects of the curriculum include E-safety and digital literacy.