At Apex Primary we learn a variety of subjects. We are all friends and there is a lot of unity. It has made me more confident. Apex is a very enjoyable school.


Apex primary has been my support throughout my seven inspirational years. The muhasabah and IPD system has helped me be a better person altogether. The enjoyable lessons and fun trips are things that I will never forget. In addition to the national curriculum, we also learn Arabic and Islamic studies. It has been a great pleasure being at Apex!


Apex Primary school is a lovely school, they make lessons fun and make sure everyone is taking part. If you have a problem you aren’t shy to tell a teacher.


Apex Primary is an awesome school, we have a football club and the trips are also cool! We do things like crayon etching, drawing, art, P.E, maths and English. Apex is fun.


I really like my school because they help us solve problems and they always plan fun things, like for P.E Year 5 and 6 went ice skating.


At Apex, we learn about different faiths and our own as well as all the different subjects. Apex makes learning fun and enjoyable and has prepared me well. I will be sad to leave Apex.

As a parent I am confident that children from this school will in future do great things to unite and benefit our communities. I also believe that many educational institutes can learn a lot about development by adopting the outstanding model employed by this school.


We like to share our feelings of happiness and joy with you, as we believe she stands where she is, due to the great efforts put in by the hardworking team at Apex. We would like to express our utmost gratitude first to Allah and then to you.


The Apex approach and ethos is meticulous and has immensely benefited our children and their peers. With the support of the dedicated staff the children have blossomed tremendously and we are grateful for the positive influence the staff have had.